I can do anything in my water wings

Since I seem to get off on posting pictures of my feet lately, and also since I’m so all about taking 10 minutes out of my precious, packed morningtime routing to lounge on the couch and *take* said pictures of my feet, and ALSO since I don’t give one whit about how blurry or over-dark those photos will be, well, I think you can guess what I did this morning:

Behold, one completed pair of aquaphobia socks.  Made them out of Lorna’s Laces that I bought at Loopy Knits in Chicago (on our Northwestern visit), a yarn which is *totally* worth all the hype.  Totally.

Except one thing:  pooling.

Usually I’m not a huge fan of pooling, though occasionally I try to play along with that game.  I guess I would describe myself as someone who can appreciate pooling and recognize that others like it, while still not liking it meself.

So I guess you all know where this is going, considering what LL does…

LL is characterized, I’ve read, by its tendency to flash and pool.  So I thought I’d outsmart the yarn, and make the socks out of Knitfreak’s Aquaphobia pattern–one which is like an allover eye-of-partridge, with the only stockinette sections being the sole and toe of the socks.  If anything could take care of LL’s pooling, it would *have* to be a pattern where 25% of all stitches are slipped, wouldn’t it?

In places, it worked.  I love how you can see the slipped stitches here, hopping up above the line of their bretheren.  It’s almost a stranded-like effect, without, y’know, being stranded (which is a good thing, in my book).  So I like that.

But then other places (yes I know this is on the gusset decrease–so sue me), this tenacious little fucker just pooled away.  Harrumph.

Oddly enough, it was on the sole (past the gusset decreases), where the flashing and pooling was at a minimum.  Is the LL trying to tell me something?

Well, regardless, I do still ❤ it–even if I do feel compulsed to glare at the flashing and mutter a few choice words under my breath.

Oh, but I do have one sad thing to mention:

Not gonna happen.  I could barely hobble with these things on + socks.  ::sigh:: Back to Marshall’s, they must go.

PS>Because I’m all about realism, here’s my photo shoot wardrobe (subtitle:  a backlit arm’s-length self-portrait at low shutterspeed)

Quality.  I’m all about it.  And also, my purple bathrobe.


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