Maybe speakerphone?

Last night I was driving home from Marshall’s and I was so excited I could hardly believe it, and–I shit you not–the one thought going through my mind was “I wish I could call my blog and tell everyone all about it!”.  That’s right, I was too excited to wait ’till I got home to tell y’all.

If I called, would anyone answer?

Too philosophical for 7am.  Hell, too philosophical for 8:30pm (the time last night when that illogical thought first coursed its way through my feeble brain).

At any rate, I just called my mom and told her.

The end.

Just kidding.  Let’s start that one over, shall we?

Last night after dinner I went back to Marshall’s to return those ill-fitting (and thus ill-fated) Born flats.  I was sad, ’cause they were really, really, really cute.  But I was also happy, ’cause hey!  look at my frugality!  Not so long ago, I would’ve kept those shoes, on the offhand chance that my feet ever shrank (no, really).  I was proud of myself, as I drove all the fucking way to West County to return them.

Wait.  All-the-fucking-way-to-West-County?

Minor part of my newfound “frugality” philosophy–I thought that maybe if I went to a different Marshall’s I might find the pair in the next size up, or even a different pair of clearanced Borns.

See?  In my brain, “frugality” means “buying more stuff”.  Interesting how things work in there.

Anywhoo, so I did return those flats, and with $15 of store credit burning a hole in my pocket, I started browsing.  And would you believe I found something?  I know, right?!

But they’re not Borns.

They’re not even flats.


These, my friends, are the EXACT SHOE that I almost got back at the mall a couple weeks ago, in lieu of my beloved Born Bridget’s.

I was literally traipsing back and forth down the length of the mall, to Macy’s and to the Walking Store and back, trying to decide which shoes I would get.

And why didn’t I get them that day at the Walking Store?  The price–$110–was, erm, cost-prohibitive at the time (moot point, as my mom ended up buying the shoes for me, but that’s irrelevant to the story).

So I bought my Bridget’s, and I’d resigned myself to not getting these Ariats, these walking-on-clouds dreamy little pieces of nirvana.

These clogs are the *perfect* weekend shoe.  They’re comfy beyond belief, and don’t slip around on my feet at all.

I’m just thoroughly enamoured of them.

Oh, and the best part?

That’s right, less than half the price of the identical item at the mall.

Want me to prove it to you?

Same thing.  Right here $109.00 $98.10 (sale).

I think I must add Ariat to my comfy-shoe arsenal (which now contains:  Keen, Birkenstock, Born, and Ariat–for those of you keeping count.  Lucchesse gets an honorable mention, if only for the fact that I wore them for 4 solid days in Chicago this spring and walked the whole Magnificent Mile and back and my feet didn’t fall off).

This is also reassuring to me, because you might recall that way-back-when I blogged about some other Ariat boots I’ve got an interest in.  And now that I know they play nicely with my feet, I can feel a lot more confident about ordering them.  And those Born boots.  Oh, and those Born heels.  Uh-oh.

For those of you who aren’t completely sick of me talking incessantly about shoes I love, check back tonight for the holy-mother-of-god deal of the century.


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