And then I fainted

So, to pick up right where we left off yesterday…

Gorgeous Ariat clogs in hand, I decided to check TJ Maxx next door (who the hell puts a Marshall’s right next to a TJ Maxx?) before driving home to U City.

Just a quick stop, y’know.  Just to say I did.

I did.

Did I ever.

It was in this unassuming TJ Maxx, in an unassuming strip mall, in an unassuming suburb of an unassuming city, that I found the deal of a lifetime.

The kind of deal that most people (erm, if you’re me anyway) only dream about.  The kind of dream where you wake up and think “Wow that didn’t happen but what if it did?!”

It did.

Check ’em out.   Born.  Black.  Kitten heel.  Tailored detailing.  Pewter-toned buckle.

Perfect fit, even though they’re marked as a size 6 (and, in my experience, Borns usually tend to run about a half-size small).

And the price?  I could scarcely believe it:

No, really.  Let’s look again:

And a third time, for luck:

I swear to y’all, I almost started hyperventilating right there in the store.  My hands were shaking as I tried them on.  Would they?  Could they?  YES, my friends.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

When I got home and showed them off to Jeff (he was about as impressed as you’d think he would be (not very)), I decided to do a bit of archaeology and see how much these puppies would’ve cost in a real store.

So I started peeling:

and peeling:

There were seriously like 10 layers of clearance labels on these shoes.

Why hadn’t anybody bought them before now?


(“Compare at $75.00”)

And that, my friends, is the deal of a lifetime.

PS>And that, my friends, is a wad of cat hair and a “dead” “mouse”.


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  1. I know you! Hello, my dear 🙂

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