+ 5 Days

Tomorrow, or maybe even tonight (don’t bet on it), I’ll have an awesome crafty post to show y’all.  And it’s not even knitting.  So look forward to that.  In the meantime…

Things I’ve learned from 1 month working at a 9-5 office job (which, I’m full aware, is no unique position or great feat of endurance.  But still.  It’s new to me.)

1)Staring out the windows all day in school readily translates to staring out the windows all day at work.  Only the landscape changes.  And high-rises are a lot more entertaining to look at than the playground.

2)Pigeons are sort of cute.

3)Don’t ever forget to make the coffee.  Ever.

4)Walking a few blocks down the street to the post office becomes a grand adventure.  Relish it!

5)Each day can become a game of “How can I do very little work while making it look like I’m doing a lot?”  This is fun, and fruitful.  Hint:  A likely-looking Excel spreadsheet in the taskbar is your friend, and will quickly maximize over Facebook.

6)”Why does it say paper jam when there IS NO PAPER JAM?!”.  Way too realistic.  Way.

7)My feet have quickly adapted to wearing heels all day.  I don’t know how I feel about this.

8)Doesn’t matter how small the office is, there will be gossip.  Lots of gossip.

9)The train waits for no man.  Or woman.  Even if she’s literally racing it to the stop, but then has to pause first and buy a new ticket.  The train doesn’t care.

10)Don’t assume that the breathless, disheveled person sitting next to you on the train is a pervert.  They may have just been racing the train, too.

11)Downtown St. Louis has the worst sidewalks of any downtown area I’ve ever seen.  Ever.  They’re awful.

12)Casual Friday really is fun!  Everything’s more bearable when you’re in jeans and a sweater.

13)Product samples, even if they’re of different sizes of steel grating, are exciting and should be treasured.

14)If you’re just a bit nuts, your coworkers will find out sooner or later.  Might as well make it sooner.

15)I am not cut out for this long-term.  Really.  If I’m sure of anything, it’s that I can do this job–and do it well–but it is NOT where I will be in the long run.


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