Prez Puppy

I need a favor, y’all.  Go here:

And vote for Maxie!  Then email all your loved ones and pester them to do the same.  I’ll be eternally, forever grateful.  Grateful enough to offer a wonderful, astounding, mysterious prize.  Just vote, then come back here and leave a comment.  I’ll take your word for it, ’cause I’m just trusting like that.

And you’ll have to take my word for it that this prize is earth-shatteringly awesome.  It’s a trust relationship we have, amigas.

Winner will be selected once the polling ends, and has absolutely no basis on whether or not Maxie actually wins or not.

Maxie ’08!


4 responses to “Prez Puppy

  1. I voted!!!! She was really the cutest one there so I don’t feel bad!!!!!

  2. See, I can’t vote for her, because she’ll know that I’m thinking about her, and bark. A lot. Incessantly, in fact. Because she does that.

    A prize! A lovely, lovely prize! It’s not a golden piece of candy is it…………………..

  3. I voted for Maxie! She’s just adorable 🙂

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