Not exactly pastures, per se

This morning I pulled on my precious pink Lucchesse boots for the first time this season, and as I felt the familiar shape and texture and perfect, absolutely broken-in fit, I started thinking about all the places these boots have been.  (They’re made for walking, you see.)

As y’all know, I’ve had, and treasured, my pink boots for a long time.

They’ve been on many adventures around Kirksville:

(This was the sidewalk near the Truman campus.  Because I know you can’t tell. That’s OK.  I couldn’t either.)

They’ve served as accessories in all of my knitwear modelling adventures:

They’ve been worn by people other than me:

(The return of Black Circle-Headedness!)

And adored by little fashionistas everywhere:

(Yes, she’s kissing them)

The boots have been from Baldwin City, Kansas to Chicago and everywhere in between.  The boots have walked the entire Magnificent Mile (and back!), and have spent days traipsing around the Maple Leaf festival in the middle-of-nowhere.  I haven’t taken any big trips lately, but I’m sure that when I do, the boots will go too.

But now the boots are on a new adventure:

The boots are out of their element:

And the boots are unhappy.

But the boots just need to be patient, they’ll leave as soon as they can.

Hang in there, boots.

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One response to “Not exactly pastures, per se

  1. I don’t often find a blog that mentions Kville, so I was surprised to see that yours does! Clicked over here from The Pioneer Woman after wondering if your comment about Anne Hathaway being, like, sooo mainstream was ironic or sadly serious. 🙂 Went to Truman myself. Nice boots.

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