The follow-through

Remember this post?  I mentioned a shawl that I made and wasn’t in love with, and asked if I should block it or not.

After writing that post, I let the shawl languish on our bedroom radiator for weeks, unblocked.

Then, when I was blocking the pieces of a sweater, I decided to just go ahead and block this durn thing as well.  Sort of a ‘what the hey’ thing.  I dunked it before I could change my mind, so there was no going back.

And now?  The shawl isn’t half bad.  I don’t love it as much as my invisibility shawl or my Stardust shawl, but I do quite like it.

I think I’ll keep it .

Yarn:  Fleece Artist Somoko in a forgotten colorway.
Pattern:  Adaptation of Cosmicpluto’s Simple Yet Effective Shawl
Notes:  This was my first train knitting project, when I first started at my current job.

My inspiration on this shawl started with the yarn, and its complex, rich jewel tones.  The yarn is oh-so-slightly silky, but it’s still a fair amount of stiff wooliness.  I took these traits, coupled with Pillars of the Earth which I was reading at the time, and came up with the idea of a medieval shawl:  one in a simple top-down triangular shape, inspired by 12th-century Europe.  The emerging artistic culture and more ‘refined’ civilization, while still deep in the throws of living for surviving.  A time that was in the middle of the transition between the muck of early European civilization, and the beauty and artistry of the Renaissance period.

I did the stst and reverse stst sections of random widths.  I put a row of YO, k2tog’s near the end, and did the last few rows in garter stitch in an attempt to stomp out the stockinette curl.  Marginal success, but it’s not really that big a deal, I guess.


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