Meet Roxie

Yesterday afternoon we went to the Humane Society of Missouri “just to look.”

Well, we looked.  And I cried.  A lot.  I wanted to take every single homeless puppy and kitten back with us, and give all of them all the love they could ever need.

Jeff wouldn’t let me, though.

But he reminded me that even if we can’t help them all, we can help one:

Meet Roxie.  As in, Roxie Hart.  As in, one of my most favoritest movies ever.

Roxie is fantastic.  All she wants to do is love you, constantly.

She’s halfway a puppy still, at only 10 months, and as a result thinks she’s still tiny.  But at 39 lbs (and growing!), erm, she’s NOT.

Even though we went in looking for someone smallish and blackish and fluffyish, and we came home with someone largish and blondish and sleekish, she’s exactly what we wanted.

You couldn’t find a more mild-mannered, affectionate dog if you tried.

I love the stripe on the back of her head:

And how she lays with her gigantic frog legs hanging out in back:

And best of all, she is completely indifferent to the cats.  Completely.

Roxie finally has a forever home

PS>Any guesses what she might be “made of”?  We’re open to suggestions.  Already we’re pretty sure she’s got some yellow lab, pittie, and some sort of hound floatin’ around in her blood.


3 responses to “Meet Roxie

  1. Too cute! Welcome home, Roxie!

  2. ooo..what a cute doggie!! Congrats to the whole family.

  3. Just wanted to say: she has the SWEETEST face and you captured it well in your photos. I grew up with dogs and cats and am now happily owned by 4 cats but man, there’s nothing like a sweet doggie face looking up at you. Congratulations! 🙂 (knitgirl64 on Rav)

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