1 of millions

At 8:00 this morning…

(not pictured:  the huge line ahead of us, and the huger line behind us)

That’s the same Jeffsock that I started while we were waiting in line at the Obama rally about 2 weeks ago.

At 9:00 this morning:

At 10:30 this morning:

(kitchener BO)

At 10:32 this morning:

I’d accomplished my goal–while waiting in line to vote for Obama, I finished the sock that I started on the day I saw him speak.

Wisely, I’d thought to bring the second skein of yarn to begin Jeffsock #2, because it wasn’t until 11:00 that we got to the entrance and saw this sign in the community center window :

25 feet away, Obama volunteers were giving out animal crackers and bottled water to tired voters:

There were also some enterprising individuals selling snacks and water.  I told Jeff that those were the Republicans.

Finally, at 11:15, I was in the voting booth.  And I did the right thing:

Naaw, just kidding. Actually, that picture above strikes fear into my heart.

See? I promise.  I was just kidding.  Not funny, I know.

Now I can happily say:

“St. Louis County votes….I voted! Did you?”

Because if you didn’t, Imma come break some kneecaps or something.

Remember, vote early and vote often!


4 responses to “1 of millions

  1. just had to leave a little note… that you might want to keep the photos to yourself … since your state law ‘prohibits a voter from “allowing his ballot to be seen by any person with the intent of letting it be known how he is about to vote or has voted”‘
    Don’t want any voter fraud 🙂

  2. Whoa! 3 hours in line? Craziness!

  3. I actually almost had a heart attack when I saw the first photo. I’m sorry…it just puts fear in my heart!

  4. ahem, the voting photo, not the knitting one, but we knew that!

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