This is why we have nice things!

From the time we moved to St. Louis up until Saturday, our books looked like this:

Appealing, right?

I like to think of it as a postmodern installation, a commentary on the value our contemporary culture places upon the written word versus the instant gratification of the idiot box.

But then I got tired of the installation, and tired of digging around in boxes whenever I needed a new book, and tired of looking at cardboard boxes in my living room.

As our Christmas gift this year, Jeff’s parents offered to give us one big thing instead of a bunch of small things.

And what one big thing could be better than 4 medium-ish things?  4 medium-ish things we’d get a lot of use and enjoyment out of?

Answer:  Nothing.  Nothing’s better.

This brings us up to Saturday, during which we spent daylight hours driving to various Targets and clearing out their stock of espresso bookshelves (not hard to do, when they only have one in stock).  The evening hours were dedicated to assembly of said espresso bookshelves, and by 10:00 that night, we had our result:

(Only, uh, without books at that point…)

I spent Sunday morning arranging all the books just-so.  [[Hey!  That gives me a new post idea!  Note to self…]]

Oh, I also decided to rearrange the living room on Saturday morning before Jeff woke up.  But y’all know that, ’cause you read my 6:20-7:00 am post.

Here’s the old:

After a few months of living in it, I’d decided that I hated having the couch in the middle of the room like that.

So here’s the new:

Essentially, the couch is where the chair was, and the chair is where the couch was.

The bookcases are behind:

But the living room is still very much a work-in-progress. I detest that recliner more than a person *should* detest an inanimate object.  And as soon as  we donate enough plasma we’re in a better financial situation (and after we buy other stuff, like a new dining set…dresser for me…china cabinet…), I’m going to get something either identical to, or very similar to, this:

Only maybe in this fabric:

I’d like to get two, and put a table between them.  But that’ll be a couple months off.

So what does Roxie think of all this excitement?

She really didn’t like being locked up during all the assembling and rearranging.  She wanted to help.

Good dog, Roxie.  Good dog.  Pass me the screwdriver.


2 responses to “This is why we have nice things!

  1. The book shelves look very nice–hope you left room for Jeff’s paperbacks! 🙂

  2. Cody and I have those exact bookcases… 3 of them actually (the 5-shelvers). We love them, although we can’t seem to keep any empty space in them. We use them for all of our media… DVDs, CDs, and books. The arrangement looks really great in your living room.

    PS: Your little yellow baby is ridiculously adorable. And don’t think the half-on, half-off the bed thing is weird… our dog Brooke does it too.

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