Photo barf

Photo barf:  n.  The act of throwing a bunch of photos into a blog post, in lieu of actual content.  “It’s Tuesday and I’m lazy, therefore enjoy this photo barf.”

On Sunday we took Roxie to the dog park.

She really doesn’t like the Gentle Leader:

“Oh, the shame!”

“Hi.  Can I sniff your butt?”
“Sure, can I sniff yours?”

Before long, she’s off and running:

And running:

And running:

I’m not entirely certain her feet ever actually touch the ground:

All the other dog owners always comment:  “Wow!  That’s a fast dog!”
Yes, yes she is.

This one really exemplifies her puppy gangliness:

Every once in a while she’ll slow down:

Check in with us:

And then she’s off again!

You can tell she’s getting tired, because her tongue is lolling out:

Really lolling:

No, I mean REALLY lolling:

She sometimes seems to like the other owners more than the dogs.  This man she’s loving on is NOT her daddy:

And as ya know, all that running makes a girl have to pewp:

(Is this my city equivalent of PW’s “Keepin’ it real”?)

And a touch of the crazy-eyes:

(Roxie’s, not Jeff’s).

Later today:  The exhausted aftermath


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