Pooped Pupper

After returning home from the dog park on Sunday, I thought it might be a good time to take some photos of Roxie in the house–maybe she’d be a bit more calm than usual, having run her little legs off.

The light was low, I’m vehemently anti-flash, and Roxie is exceptionally wiggly (you may have noticed).  I took 300 photos.  These are the best of the lot.

“Where’s my dog?”

“Oh. There’s my dog.”

An Obama-esque fist bump?  Or is he punching her in the face?

Thinking of being ornery…

Still thinking…

Really ornery plan up her metaphorical sleeve…

Or maybe it’s just an itch:

And now a bit of a chew…

And we seem to be settling down:



….Or ARE we?

Nope!  Roxer Boxer is at it again!

“What’s wrong, Mommy?  Don’t you want to play?”


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