Bet you’ll never guess what I’ll be doing…

6 lb of butter, 4 dozen eggs…

3 gallons of (assorted) milks…

And a little bit of holiday-cheer-in-a-carton…

Every chip and chocolate morsel imaginable…

(and yah, that frozen lemonade too)

20+ lbs of flour…

And sugar..

(and shortening and dried milk and more flour too)

I also stocked up on my other baking staples…

And bought a metric shitton (technical term) of tins and ribbons:

Any guesses what my super-secret plan is? I know, it’s so freaking cryptic.

I’ll get started right after I finish this holiday-cheer-in-a-carton-glass.  I may even post recipes accordingly

PS>The extent of this year’s decorating:

(grrr….that’s blurry, and I’m too lazy to take another.  At least the next one turned out)

And to all a good night (filled with baking)!


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