This is not a commitment.

I am in NO WAY saying “Yes I will do NaKniSweMoDo.”

I’m NOT vowing to knit a sweater every month for the next 12 months, so that on December 31, 2009 I will have completed 12 sweaters.

I’m not saying that  I will do it.

…but I am saying that I’ll think about it.  I’ll think about it long and hard.

See, the thing is – I am in “head down and power through” mode. I’m not especially enamoured of my job, I really dislike this city, and I’m essentially in a rather “blah” point in my life. So I’ve decided to head down and power through, and make the best of it.

This I’m doing in hopes that then I’ll look up one day, and it will be 2012 (twenty-twelve – how odd to say!), and we’ll be packing up our house to move somewhere – anywhere – else.  And I won’t be making copies anymore, and I won’t be trying to avoid the temptation to physically count down the days (it’s rather discouraging to think that if I created a paper chain to string around my house, it would string from room to room and each day’s link tear-off would barely make a dent in the chain’s overall length).

So I think you can see why I welcome a diversion – a paper chain wrought large – to help me “head down and power through”.

Don’t you think a dozen sweaters would make a fantastic paper chain for 2009?

PS>It helps that I just acquired this yummy 220:
with which I’m going to make Maude Louise.

Think I can/should do it?


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