Like Christmas!

Upon visiting my parents in Kansas City last weekend, I learned that my mom has picked up a new hobby: jewelry-making. This is advantageous to me for four reasons:

1)I like jewelry

2)I like free jewelry

3)My mom doesn’t feel that her stuff is “good enough” to sell

4)So she gives it to me!

I honestly don’t know the first thing about jewelry making or how to do it, or even the names for some of these stones or bead styles. So forgive me for not saying “this is a blah-blah-blah made by lah-de-dah-ing, of pure whoop-de-do wire.” Can’t do it. Sorry. Y’all would call me out for a fraud if I tried.

dsc_0318(I love these. The tiny little leaves hanging in front were salvaged from some gawd-awful ugly piece of business that Mom salvaged from a junk store. Take ’em out of the ugly context, and they’re adorable! Pure whoop-de-do.)

dsc_0320(I love these. They’re so simple and essential! I’ve worn them like 3 times, and I’ve only had them for a week.)

dsc_0322(I love these. Aren’t they neat??? They’re so exotic looking! I also like how even though they’re long and dangly, they still look good when I’ve got my hair up. That’s rare for me)

dsc_0323(I love these! The big pink beads are so neat. It’s hard to tell in the photo, but the outside is clear pink and the inside is a milky, pure pale shade. They’re geometric and substantial but not clunky.)

dsc_0326(I love these. The theme I’m assigning is “industrial Valentine’s Day” because of the red and white theme and the vaguely heart-shaped stones, but the pewter color and little bit of dangly chain. Yup. These were made with the lah-de-dah technique.)

dsc_0325(I love these! I don’t know the name of the blue beads at the bottom, but they’re actually…engraved?…painted?…covered in silver. They remind me of my wedding, what with the cobalt and silver.)


(I love these! I had a really hard time getting a good picture of them, but they’re a drop-shaped wire and the blue topaz (I do know gemstones ) hanging down is cut into a 360* teardrop shape. It has a name. Mom told me. But I do not remember. ::hangs head in shame::. They look awesome on, but you’re not gonna see that because I look rather a mess right now)

dsc_0324 (I love these. They were originally part of the big pink square ones above, but Mom divided them into two pairs so neither were so heavy. They’re really swingy and move-y, and the pearls and clear glass beads offer great dimension. I think (blah-blah-blah?).)

dsc_0331(I love these! I got to help design them. They’re to go with my Maude Louise sweater (which still needs buttonbands and a collar…). I chose the beads and drew the design on a Post-it note, and Mom made it happen. How does she DO that?! I can’t wait to wear these with my new sweater, and I’m saving them ’till I get it done (Hellooooo motivation!))

So everybody, shouldn’t we petition my mom to open an Etsy shop? Wouldn’t you buy this stuff? I’ve gotten tons of compliments every day this past week (especially on the orange ones), and I’d love to be able to say “Here’s my mom’s website – you can buy them there.” But I can’t, because she doesn’t have one.

Mom, you listening?


2 responses to “Like Christmas!

  1. heheheh… tell mom to get a site!!!! after a few years, mine did 😀 the earrings are DARLING DARLING DARLING!!!!


  2. Your mom makes beautiful earrings.I love them all!!

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