I know, I know.  “Oh look she’s writing another post about boots.  What’ll it be next?  Cats? Knitting? Will it never end?”

No, it won’t.

So sit down and shut up and look at what I found.

Am wearing my Ariat clog-thingies today and these are *one of* my favorite pairs of work shoes.  Last night I wore my trusty pink cowboy boots.  The day before that I wore my LLBean boots.  And then I started thinking of what a bastard hybrid of these 3 shoes would be:

1)Super comfy (erm, all of the above – I don’t wear uncomfortable shoes anymore, and all my boots are *amazing*)
2)Stylish, as far as cowboy boots are concerned (like the pink ones)
3)Neutral, work-appropriate colors (like the Ariat clogs or the LLBean dress boots)

So here it goes:

Ariat Legend Wing Tip in “Russet Rebel” ($189.90)

I really like the styling on these – the classic Legend shape and stitching, with the wingtip and heel details that kinda remind me of handknitted socks. And the price is fair.

Ariat Legend in “Brown Oiled Rowdy” ($169.90)

I liked these when I made my other post about a year ago, and I STILL like them.  The style is SO “me”, but they’re really not all that dressy, what with the distressing and all.  But I’m not going to be at this job forever (hopefully I’ll be outta here sooner rather than later), and I just love them sooooo much!

Ariat Manzanita in “Cocoa” ($105)
These are CUTE – and cheap!  But are they basic enough?  I kinda like the “business at the bottom, party at the top” vibe – they’re like the awesome mullet of the cowboy boot world – but will I just end up in the market for plain(er) brown boots again in a couple years?
And also – OMG they only have them left in a 6 and a 6.5!  *I’m* a 6.5!

….in conclusion, I really wish I were wealthy Or at least, I really wish that I had the money for a pair of cute happy cowboy boots that I could wear to work.  ::le sigh::

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