Not cool. Srsly not cool.

All right, I’m fired up now.

Earlier this week  I cruised on over to Ellia’s blog (which I’ve been  lurking reading only since FOREVER ago), only to find out that some  dirty, rude, rotten, stinky-toed, baby-seal-clubbing inconsiderate person has been  borrowing stealing her art.

That is not cool.  I mean it.  Not cool at ALL.

Check it out:



Pink Petticoat imposter

See the similarities?  Line style, expressions, posture…even the characters’ clothing.

When Ellia instructed the imposter to immediately remove all the copycatted art from her site, Pink Petticoat refused and even tried to draw lawyers into the discussion.

As of today, though, she has caved (and rightly so!) and is refunding all money made from the sale of the stolen art.  Obviously I’m quite glad to see this resolution, though I continue to be displeased with Pink Petticoat’s “victim” attitude.  But hey, you can’t make everybody like you .

I also feel sorry for Ellia, who has now lost trust and faith in her internet community.  I would, too, though.  I’m just glad she hasn’t sworn off blogging or creating art forever

I’ll end this by encouraging you not to patronize Pink Petticoat, and I offer a hearty, ringing endorsement of Greenbean Baby Art.  Maybe her recent situation can teach us all a lesson – that even in our cozy little crafter-filled corner of the Internet, there are still bad guys out there, and it’s never totally safe.

It’s just a shame that it’s necessary to slap an ugly, giant (c) over every image to protect yourself.


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