Busy baker

In the month of February (I’m including yesterday and today as ‘February’ because it’s a short month ), I’ve had to bake for 3 co-workers’ birthdays and Valentine’s day, on top of my everyday baking.

For one co-worker, I whipped up some brownies with chocolate chips and called it good.

For another, I was actually sick with the stomach flu, so no baking actually happened on that one (yay!).

The third co-workers’ birthday was Saturday and our office party-type thingy is today, so I made this:

That is, essentially, this. My only changes were subbing 1T cornstarch + 1t vanilla + 1t sugar for the custard powder. I also only used about 2/3 of the icing that the recipe made. Haven’t actually tasted it yet, so I don’t know what changes I’ll make for next time, but I wouldn’t be surprised if those changes involved a more chocolate-y crust and bittersweet filling rather than semi-sweet – just based off my pan-licking assessment.

These are the cupcakes I made Jeff for Valentine’s day:

Again, I (shockingly) actually used a recipe, here. They turned out….alright. I mean, they were fine, but not anything too impressive. I think I prefer my usual white cake recipe (passed down through generations of Johnson bakers). But the chocolate icing was pretty nifty, and I did like the little hearts on top – that was my doing.

To make those, I just melted some almond bark, then took cookie sheet and overturned it and spread wax paper overtop. Then, using the tip of a table knife, I made heart shapes with the melted almond bark and set the sheet by an open window to cool and harden. Then I made the chocolate icing of the recipe and pressed a heart on top of each cupcake while the icing was still warm. It melted just enough to blend with the chocolate, but stayed firm enough to keep the shape.

Definitely will do that again!

(Wow I’m clever )

Here’s one of the better ones, still warm.

Jeff liked them, and that’s all that matters, right?

Of course, I had all my usual baking needs too – here’s my standard white bread, rising in its cozy bed:

I know it’s basic, but I love my bread recipe 🙂

Now that co-workers’ birthdays are behind us, the next event is…mothers’ day, I guess? Until then, it’ll just be the usual array of rolls, pizza dough, cookies and muffins. Nothing spectacular 😉


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