Been looking at the tattoo board on Rav again…that’s always a dangerous prospect

I LOVE my tattoo, but 5 months later I’m feeling the itch again.

I’ve got lots of long-term plans (Will-gets), and even more “hey wouldn’t that be cute?” ideas (might-gets).

I know for certain that I want the quilt block painted outside Grandma’s shop:

I think I want it in my center back, higher up (in the tank top visibility area).  Not too big – maybe 3″ across?  I’m thinking about if I want to incorporate initials somehow – Grandma’s? My mom’s? Both?  I might also change the block a bit – add the next ring of pieces – so it takes on a more intricate Lone Star shape:

(just to the smallest yellow ring)
That’s the quilt that Grandma made us for our wedding

I also want to get a small black cat in the style of Wanda Ga’g, maybe on an ankle:

That was my favorite book as a kid and I LOVE the style of drawing.

Then I want a small black dog on the other ankle, in the same artistic style.

Guess who inspires that one?

Pet tattoos are always a safe bet, because you know that you’ll *always* love your pet, not matter what

This next one is more abstract:  Someday, somehow, I want to get a stylized representation of interlocking rings (Hoops) and an infinity symbol on the inside of my left wrist (contrast to my current tattoo).  I’m not sure how that’ll work out, but I want the one image to represent both ideas.  That’d definitely be one to have the artist draw up.  The Hoops + infinity image similarity is one that Jeff and I have a lot of fun with – we sorta collect items with either image on them.

Those are just the ones I’ve got nailed down with some degree of certainty.  I still have so many other ideas – a snowflake (or three or four) in white ink, somewhere (behind an ear, maybe?  The most hidden tattoo imaginable – especially in white).  Something knitting-related (I think it would be neat to get one of yarn wrapped around my right forefinger, in the same place that the yarn wraps in real life.  It would be so visible, though!).  Almost definitely something relating to our kids, eventually.

The main thing with all of my tattoos is I don’t want them to be too random – I don’t want it to look like BANG – flash art here.  BOOM – flash art there.  The one I have now is very meaningful in its image and location, and I love how it’s so subtle – its placement fits with the line of my wrist, the color complements my own coloring – it’s not at all bold or jarring.  I’ve always valued balance and symmetry.  I wouldn’t want a tattoo that feels or looks out of place, or sudden.  And absolutely nothing that doesn’t have great meaning.

…still a lot of thinking to do, and nothing more will happen anytime soon.  But it’s always fun to think about, and you can be certain that my one tattoo isn’t my last


2 responses to “Trouble…

  1. ahhhh tattooes are addicting!! i want symbols for my kids instead of names… in fact, i wanted a snowflake for diego… isabella, i dont know yet… but it would be nice if i could follow a seasonal theme…

    i think a quilt block would be an AWESOME tattoo and so meaningful too!!… they have tattoo parties here but i dunno if i’d trust one…

    anyhow, now you got me itchin’ too 🙂

  2. I know the feeling. I’ve been itching for another tattoo for a WHILE. I have the design, I know where I want it, I just am not sure when or where to get it done! Maybe for graduation…

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