WTF moment of the day

Yesterday I posted this  becoming fetching thoroughly adequate picture of myself modeling a new scarf:

Everybody said “Cute boots, Kate!”  “Nice scarf, Kate!”

Which is nice. Thanks.

But what NO ONE said was “WTF is your dog doing, Kate?”

And you should’ve.  Because that, THAT is not normal.  It’s WEIRD (and thus, completely in line with Roxie’s other actions and behaviors).

Want to know WTF is wrong with my dog?

Want to know what she’s doing in that picture?

She’s not licking the bars of the kennel.

She’s not panting.

She’s not smiling.

She’s sticking her tongue as faaaaaaaaar out through the bars of her kennel as she can.  As if to say “Perhaps I can touch you with my gargantuan tonguereach, Mommy and Daddy!  And then we can be near and close together and happy foreeeevvvver, Mommy and Daddy!”

How do I know?  Because she does it almost every evening when we have her kenneled.

Weird, weird dog.


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