That was me, blowing my nose.

Because I have a C-O-L-D COLD.  A big ‘un.

And y’all know that I’m not usually all about the medicine.  I’ll take it if I need to, sure, but I’d much rather manage and get over it naturally.

That may have something to do with the fact that the last time I took cold medicine (yes, even the daytime stuff), I drove from Kirksville to St. Louis and DIDN’T REMEMBER IT.

Sensitive to it, I am.

So I’m loading up on the Vitamin C and keeping hydrated.  Yesterday I had 2000 mg of the C stuff, and 64 oz of tap water.  Which meant that I peed every 5 minutes.

…I just know that there’ll be a pregnancy rumour going around work about me, now.  That’s just how they operate.

But joke’s on them – I’m not knocked up, just well-hydrated!  HA!

…methinks I need a new standard for jokes.


Last night I was kept awake half the night by the sound of a black cat’s snaggleteeth and retracted claws scraping…scraping…scraping gently against the bedroom door.  Then the sound of a black cat opening the door.  Then the sound of Jeff getting out of bed, removing cat from bedroom, and putting a nightstand behind door to prevent re-entry.  Then the sound of a cat meowing about the INJUSTICE of being banished from the bedroom.  Then the sound of Jeff getting up again, moving the nightstand, going to the bathroom to pee, and inadvertently letting in the cat.

At this point, the cat lurked under the bed – out of reach – until we’d dropped back off to sleep.  Then he crept up onto the bed and reclaimed his rightful place on my head, where he spent the next 3 hours chewing on my ponytail.

Today is one of those days that I could really use a nap.  Wonder why?


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