(Title courteous of my Mommy Dearest )

Just in time…for…spring…


…I’ve made some great strides of the sockular variety.

In a fit of madness that was the direct result of an aggressive, proactive treatment of my ongoing UFO-itis, I have finished 3 socks in the past week.

As it happens, I’d made 3 other socks a few months back, each of which logically (and irritatingly) requiring a mate.

It was these mates I’d finished.

And so, naturally, what used to be a black sock, a green sock, and a blue sock…

…became a PAIR! of black sockS, a PAIR! of green sockS, and a PAIR! of blue sockS.

I love it when that happens.

First up, ol’ greenie:

(Jeff and I had our sock-modeling session in the quickly-fading afternoon light, after I got home from work last night.)

It’ll be no surprise to the knitters out there what pattern this is.  The only surprise is that it took me so damned long to make them – I’ve had the yarn and pattern married in my head since January of 2008, or thereabouts.  Glad to see them finally accomplished. (Oh, and the only modification was an extra repeat in the leg – 7 rather than 6).

The yarn is Wildfoote, which I always enjoy.  This is my first time using a heathered one, and it was a bit stiffer to work with than the other two colorways I’ve tried.  Didn’t soften up too terribly much with washing, either.  But that doesn’t stop me from liking the socks!

Hmm…got some donkey ears going on there, haven’t I? Ah, well.

Next up, my lovelies – the quintessential Trekking XXL waffle sock!

This is my second time pairing that yarn and that pattern, and it won’t be the last – I just like the combination so gosh-darn much!

I did play around with a couple different things on this pair, though.  Most obviously, I put on a picot cuff for a bit of sweetness and feminininininininity.  And also because I lurve picot cuffs.  They’re so cute and tidy, aren’t they?

I also worked the cuff and the first 2.75″ of the leg on US2’s before switching to my usual US1’s for the rest.  The Trekking does pretty well at this gauge, though I wouldn’t want to work a sole at it.  I did this because it enabled me to work the leg for 8″ without it slipping down to my cankles.  It’s all about the cankles.

I know that I freaking JUST finished these, but I already can’t wait to do another pair of waffles.  I might have to bust out one of my 50g odds-and-ends skeins and make some little sport socks, just to quell the urge.

…because it’s all about the URGE, you know.

Finally, the black pair.  Oh, the black pair.

I started these while waiting in line at the Obama rally on Oct. 18th.  I finished the first one while waiting in line to vote.  I started the second one while watching election night coverage.

And for some reason, it took me ’till 5 months later to finish it.

Don’t ask questions.  Really.  Don’t.  I’m ashamed enough as it is.

But y’know what I’m NOT ashamed of?

That’s right, I’m NOT ashamed of a finished pair of mansocks (even if they are covered in cat hair).

I’m NOT ashamed of completing 2 ENTIRE size 10 1/2 mansocks out of KnitPicks Palette, in 3×3 rib and stockinette stitch.

Because whichever way you cut it, that’s a lot of time and dedication and LOVE for the man who wears these mansocks.

I could do without the cat hair, though.

PS>I am so excited about tomorrow’s post, I could giggle like a schoolgirl.  But you’ll have to check back then, to see what I’ve got up my sleeve!

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