Indie Awesomeness

First, a note on the hair:

This morning, I washed it and tried to style it myself.  It didn’t work.  OMG there’s no understating the extent to which it DIDN’T WORK.  I cried.  I spent 45 minutes fooling around with it.  Now, the best I can manage is something that makes me look like a high school assistant principal.  It’s pathetic.

I called my stylist.  I hope she calls me back and makes it all better.  Because dudes, I am not going to run around looking like an assistant principal

So anyway – back to fun stuff.

On Sunday, when I was still happy with my life (see above), Jeff and I went to the Green with Indie craft show, after I’d heard about it on Ravelry.

SO much fun.  Even Jeff agreed that it was not entirely unpleasant

The merch was very modern and, well, indie. Lots of cool jewelry, some handspun yarn, salvaged and repurposed stuff, vintage clothing, etc.  Nary a 2×4-painted-like-a-snowman to be seen

It was also awesome seeing so many etsy sellers all in one place – especially those whose goods I’ve oogled from afar!

Love this “Greetings from Chesterfield” postcard by bigsmalltown:

I’d discovered Bill’s stuff somewhere (heck if I can remember where) in the past and was just thrilled to see it in person.  This postcard so succinctly sums up everything I hate about St. Louis.  I shall treasure it forever.

From SmellGood, I got the most deeeeelicious solid perfume ever!

It reminds me of a body spray that I had when I was in the 6th grade, sothe nostalgia factor is high.  Though I’m not sure why I want to be reminded of a time when I was even fat(ter) and hormonal(er) than I am now.

The scent really lasts, too.  I put some on my wrist yesterday, and even after a day’s worth of showering and handwashing, a bit of it still lingers.  Love this stuff so much!

The first booth I visited was aj & company, and was immediately smitten(ed?)by this apron:

Y’all know how I feel about adorable aprons, and this one just takes the cake!  LOVE the prints.

So retro and feminine and awesome!  I think tonight I may need to give it a test-drive and whip up some oatmeal cookies, eh?

Their etsy shop (linked above) is empty right now, but hopefully not for long.  There was lots more great stuff at the booth, that I barely even got to see (changing pads, zippered pouches, baby blankets…).  Hopefully they’ll update online soon!

My final purchase of the day was from…oh no…I’m afraid I don’t know!  Drats!  Well, it’s lovely:

(edit 3/28/09:  Just found the business card in the plastic sleeve!  This is by Barb of “Trash to Treasure:  Creative Recycling”.  Her shop is  Sorry for the delay!)

On one side of the necklace, a delicate little daisy print.

And on the other…

It’s a Fitz’s bottlecap!  I love this so, so much.

(For those outside St. Louis, you might not’ve heard of Fitz’s before.  They make the BEST diet cream soda ever.  They also used to make “Dr Fizz”, a Mr Pibb-esque beverage that was oh-so-much more delicious.  But alas, it’s been discontinued.  Sad, sad story.)

If anybody recognizes the shop that might’ve made my little necklace, please let me know so I can give them due credit!

There were some other shops that I wasn’t able to patronize, but I definitely must in the future:

I Am What I Am had a booth of AWESOME jewelry, made from vintage and unusual bits and pieces.  So much fun!

Down Zipper sells pouches that are just begging to be filled with makeup, knitting notions and other miscellany.  So many adorable prints!  (And lots of sports-related ones right now, if that’s your thing.  Guess it has to do with that baskety-ball that everybody’s talking about? )

C. Bunny Binx had an adorable display of teensy little animals and gnomies that perfectly fit her motto of “specializing in high quality frivolity”.  Another etsy shop that’s empty for now, but I’ll be keeping a close eye on it – I really regret not taking a little clay gnome or bird home with me yesterday.

Pretty Silly Things should be called “Cool Awesome Things”.  Jackie takes images from old dictionaries and school textbooks and sandwiches them in glass, to make amazing unique pendants.  I almost bought one of a starling – the flip-side of the pendant had the dictionary definition page!  So neat.

Sew Good and Trendy
was probably my favorite shop, that I wasn’t able to buy from yesterday.  I LOVE her eco-friendly bags and her prices were SO reasonable (but alas, even “reasonable” is out of my reach right now ) She had one cross-body bag made of organic bamboo that included a reusable shopping bag.  Solid construction and really charming design.  It’s definitely on my “when we’re not so destitute” shopping list.

Two Girls and a Trailer sells some of the coolest modified art prints and greeting cards that I’ve ever seen!  I wanted to buy one for everybody I knew – they had the cutest sayings and the neatest style I think I’ve ever seen.  Can’t forget about this one!

After we left the craft fair, we took Roxie to the dog park and let her run herself stupid, then we loaded her up and headed to Forest Park where we did the whole circuit of trails – including letting her swim a bit in a couple ponds and streams! We finished the day relaxing and watching people fly kits outside the art museum (Art Hill is a popular gathering place in Forest Park), then Jeff and I headed to dinner and wandered about on the Loop for a while.  It was pretty much the perfect day

(too bad Monday had to come ’round, eh?)

Alissa, just for you (omg I can’t believe I’m posting this….BLUGH!)

I’m seriously embarrassed to be seen in public like this.  I almost didn’t come to work today, it’s so bad.  HATETEEEEEE.  See how it’s all floofy and whooshy and flat? URGH.


2 responses to “Indie Awesomeness

  1. GAAAAAAAH! Oh, I have had that happen SO MANY TIMES with the hair-thing. How can something look soooooooo good one day, and the next day it’s all like, GAH!?

    It’s just a fling the hair is going through. It will settle down and be awesome again.

  2. I think you look just fine, what pretty hair and I love your colour.

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