Ye Olde To Do List

1) Exfoliate my face, hardcore
2) Eat copious amounts of baked chips and Trader Joe’s guaca-salsa (OMG that stuff has crack in it, I swear.  And it’s low fat!)
3) Tidy up around the house.  And by tidy I mean, throw away anything that doesn’t move (and some things that do (I’m looking at you, kittycats!))
4) Put buttons on my Maude sweater, under the threat of death or at least the threat of an unpleasant uggy feeling.
5) Finish laundry, so that I don’t have to wear tea towels pinned together to work next week
6) Make penne alla vodka WHICH is not (contrary to Jeff’s initial thought), penne with vodka poured over it
7) Pack away our heavy winter coats in Ziploc Big Bags and cedar (a sure promise that the snow gods will pay us one more visit on their way to the southern hemisphere)
8) Bake oatmeal chocolate chip cookies wearing my new apron
9) Buy a new shower curtain liner, or perhaps send Jeff out for same
10) Bathe the dog (and mop the bathroom floor in the process)
11) Sit on the couch and watch The Office and eat Lindt truffles
12) PMS a whole bunch
13) In conjunction with 12), cry or giggle overmuch
14) Find adorable and perfect brown Born flats for under $20 (one can dream, eh?)
15) Wash hair, with goal of drying and styling without tears
16) Blog the most delicious post re: my mom’s artistry.  It has been sitting in my mental queue for entirely too long
17) Drink tea.  Then more tea.  Then for a change, perhaps some iced tea
18) Sort out earring storage method (hint relating to 16), which you’ve probably already figured out), perhaps one involving felt
19) Cry or giggle overmuch some more, because I can
20) Clean out ye olde litterbox


One response to “Ye Olde To Do List

  1. If your guac is low fat then I would consider buying different guac! Plus how will you absorb all of those fat soluble vitamins?

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