I’ve been sitting on this post for seriously 2 weeks; it’s really ridiculous that I haven’t gotten it up before now.  (Though really, it’s probably only my mom’s nightly nagging that has me doing it NOW, and not in another two weeks.  I put the “L” in LSG, y’know.)

So last time we went to Kansas City, Mom had another jewelry show all set up for me.  Remember last time?  This was just as awesome, if not awesomer-er.  Srsly.

Come, come.  My jewelriez, let me show you dem:

Deez onez are blak!  And dey hav de red!  Dey are seelver:

I like-a dem.

Deez are leetle beety buuterfliez!  And dey are glass and de glass ees coated so dey are shiny like-a de carnival glass.  I love-a de carnival glass:

And I love-a dem!

I picked-a deez onez out!

Dey are da purpley-colored shellz with-a de teensy weensy leetle beety amethys beadz.  Dey are sterling seelver too.  I adore-a dem!

Deez next onez are sooo kool!  Dey have-a de green glass and de sterling seelver and dey are artsy and dey are *heavy* and I love-a to wearz dem.

Dey make-a me feel like a kool person.  Like-a de Rachel Ray, ya?

Deez are my Fav-O-RITES!  I lurve-a dem bunchez an bunchez an I squeeze-a dem like a leetle keety kat!

Dey are gold plated seelver and “cloisonne” beadz an I wear-a dem all-a de time!  An dey make-a mi neck look soooooo long an eelegant!  Dey are truley amazinKK!

Look-a at dem up klose!

Wow dey are sure sumfink, eh?

Look at-a deez!

Wowzerz!  Dey are more-a doze polished red stonez an dey are perfekly round nao.  Dey are sterling seelver too.  I wear-a dem soooo many timez an I love-a dem more ever timez I wear-a dem!

I do not amember de naem ov deez onez:

But dey remind-a me ov lapis lazuli an dey are leetle cheeps ov bootiful blew stonez an sterling seelver.  Dey also make-a mi neck look gud!

Today, I hav saved da beszt for laszt!
Deez are my favoritez evar. Dey hav da green stonez wheech hav a fancy naem which I do not-a rememberz.  Dey hav da sterling seelver an da lite stonez iz Swarovski.  Dey make-a my heart SING wit joiz!  I lurve-a dem!

…and to thank you for your patience in reading all that bad German-Russian-French-SwedishChef accent, I’ve got a huge and awesome post to share – later tonight. 🙂


PS> Isn’t my mom AMAZING?  I’m seriously in awe of her jewelry-making skills.


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