[Insert contented smile here]

My order (thanks Mom!) from Bare Sheep Yarn arrived last night.

I didn’t notice the package Jeff had placed on the coffee table until after I’d come home, taken Roxie to the dog park, and had a snack.

So the heart attack was delayed just a bit.

But only a bit.

Because OMG guys.  Gor-JUS!

Or, if you want to be all proper-like:  GORGEOUS!


“Blue Period” superwash merino fingering/sport, 100g/365yd.  Perhaps to become fingerless gloves, or maybe cozy mittens?

“Beth” superwash merino fingering, 100g/400yd.  I think I may save it for a female Hoopling.  MAY.

“Dianne” superwash merino/nylon fingering, 480yd/100g.  I have the crazy urge to make a little shawlette in a charming and simple textured pattern.

“Lobster Bisque” worsted, 4oz/150yd.  I love this one more than words.  Mmmmmmmmm.

“Lavender and Sunflowers” superwash merino fingering/sport.  Cheerful, delicate, lacy socks – STAT!

“Petunia” superwash merino fingering.  This is destined to be socks, too – almost definitely.

As always, the heartiest of thanks to my dear, dear  yarn enabler mother.

Yarn makes my heart beat.  Yarn gets me out of bed in the morning.  Yarn makes the world go ’round.


One response to “[Insert contented smile here]

  1. Your Mom sent me this link and on this cold, rain filled morning, I can say that you have made it sunny and wonderful.

    Thank you,
    Jenny Hutton

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