So excited

I absolutely cannot believe it took me this long to make this post, but part of the reason, I think, is that it’s like a happy little secret, just for me.

Last week when I blogged about my mom’s latest round of creations, I didn’t tell you the whole story.

The earrings I posted weren’t the only ones that she made.

Nope, there were a few more pairs, too.

Like these little beauties:

The yellow stones there are a vintage salvage, and I think the blue stones might be, too (correct me if I’m wrong, Mom).  Sterling silver wires.  I love them so, so, SO much.  This style of earring is flatting on absolutely everyone, I’m almost certain.

These are just too cool.  The stones are all glass, but they’re not heavy at all.  The top and bottom stones are black, but the middle ones have a hint of color – I’m reminded of marbles, actually.  But they’re definitely not that big

Aren’t these just the most elegant little things imaginable?

They really show that earrings don’t have to be crazy ornate to be beautiful.  The wires are hypoallergenic (I think.  Either that or sterling).  The diamond-shaped (darker) stones are Swarovski crystal, and the larger clear ones are glass.  If my hair were long enough to wear in a french twist, I’d do that with these earrings.  In this little fantasy world, I’d also be Audrey Hepburn.  And have an unlimited yarn budget (note to self: find out if Aubrey Hepburn was a knitter…)

I love these next ones SO MUCH.

Don’t you just love freshwater pearls?  They’re so beautiful and organic looking, don’t you think?
(Oh, and these photographed a bit crooked, but that’s not how they really are – just my lazy photography staging at work )

Mom has even branched out from earrings!

Even though the photo’s really dark (so sorry – I must stop taking pictures in the evenings after work!), I do think it shows the necklace pretty accurately.  The stones are plastic, vintage, with a slight yellowish tint (I think they might have come from the same source as the first pair of earrings).  Mom did a messy-wrap silver wire on each end, and then hung the whole thing on silver chain.  I LOVE IT!

Here’s another dreadfully overdark photo:

The earring wires are gold-over-silver kidney shapes (sorta like those big long cloisonne ones from my post last week), only smaller and daintier.  The stones are more of the glass marble-like things from above, only Mom matched these to be more richly-colored.  Those are teensy little red beads on each end, which pick up the color from the stone.  Love ’em!

Remember these?

They’re (almost) identical to a pair that she made me – sterling silver wires, blue stones (though I believe these stones are from a different source than mine).  The other difference is those sweet little silver seed beads on either side – I think they really finish the look of the earrings, don’t you?

Now, the most exciting part of this whole post…

None of this is for me.

Nope, it’s not.  That’s because…

she caved.

That’s right, Mom finally gave in to our collective whinings (well, maybe I was the only one whining.  The rest of y’all were just politely asking, right? ) and has decided to go ahead and open an Etsy shop.

When it’s up and running, all of the pieces above will be for sale – as well as duplicates of some of the pieces in my last post.

We’re still in the preliminary stages of planning – not even settled on a name yet, for instance. But the wheels are in motion!

It’s going to be a joint venture – Mom will make the jewelry, then send it to me and I’ll photograph it, list it, and ship it.  I’ll also take care of all the marketing (by which I mean, I’ll proudly wear the items she’s made for me, and hand out our cards to anyone who offers me a compliment in passing)

I’ll definitely keep you all updated as things progress, and we’ve got some great little contests and promotions planned for when the day draws closer, but you’ll just have to wait and see on all that.

Check back in the coming weeks for an update, one which will eventually lead to a very exciting Grand Opening celebration!


2 responses to “So excited

  1. So excited because I have been drooling over them since you first started posting pictures up.

    Hurry Hurry I am in a spending mood :):)

  2. GAH! Noooooooooo…*sigh*

    Kewl Earrings. My secret weakness. I don’t go in for the bling much, but earrings?

    I am powerless.

    Can’t wait for the Grand Opening. 🙂

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