Of the Utmost Importance


Need I say more?

OK so my beloved Ariats must continue to linger in the “someday” column (thinking about making them a birthday present for myself this year) for now.  I can’t really afford them, and I can’t really justify buying boots in April (except if they were on sale, but they’re not so it’s a moot point)

But that’s alright, since it’ll be summer soon and I really *need* (no, srsly – need.  Not want. Need.) some new work shoes.

Right now I’m on the 4-pair system (1 black pair for pants, 1 black pair for skirts, 1 brown pair for pants, ….) but with only 3 pairs.

Yeah, I need something to wear with my brown skirts and other “brown-ish” outfits.

They don’t necessarily have to be brown, they just need to work with brown-ish skirt things.

I didn’t see a whole lot that I liked in the Born s/s09 collection, but I *am* really feeling the Keen love right now.  My question to you all is – are Keens too casual for my “casual-business-casual” workplace?  Jeans are pretty common attire here, (I don’t wear them all that often, but there’s no rule against it) and my standard uniform usually follows the solid colored shirt + casual (non-jean) pants or skirt + knitted scarf or shawl formula.

But still – even the dressier Keens are really…sporty…aren’t they?

I absolutely *adore* these:

(Keen Calistoga).  But would they look dumb with a knee-length skirt?  (They also come in “Port Royal”, a deep red that’s OMGyummy!)

OK what about these?

(Keen Sienna ballerina). I dunno about the suede for summer, and I think from the side they look kinda weird.  And the reviews aren’t any good.  And they don’t really have that Keen “look”, yanno?

I lurvelurve these ones:

(Keen Sydney II). But they’re probably right out, aren’t they?  Too casual, right?

I mean, would these shoes make my feet look big and clunky, worn with skirts?

So then I was looking at the Borns on Zappos and found these:

(Born Pinot) and yeah they’re really cute and I like them, but they’re sooooo close to my black Born flats, and I don’t want to be one of those people, IYKWIM.

And these:

(Born Simi) They’re cute, no?  But are they too boring or something?  I dunno.

Maybe I’ll just persuade Jeff to hit up TJMaxx with me on the way home.



PS>Why am I sticking to Keens and Borns?  Because I ❤ them and they meet all 3 of my shoe requirements:  1)Quality
2)Arch support
If you’ve not yet been instructed in the way of Keen or Born, hie thee to Zappos!


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