And ANOTHER thing

My usual routine for life is to clean like mad (and knit a bit) on the weekends (see?) then during the week I let it all ride – I’ll knit in the evenings and of course I’ll cook, and maybe the odd load of laundry or two when the situation absolutely demands it – but generally, I use my weekday evenings for fun stuff (read: knitting and cooking, as well as snuggling, playing Guitar Hero, and eating half-priced Easter candy.  Sometimes all of the above at the same time.).  Then I’ll knit some more to round things out.  Plus my train knitting.  But that doesn’t count. 😛

As it would happen, I’ve also been ‘suffering’ from another fit of startitis lately – I’ve got numerous items OTN right now.

So let’s go on a little tour of my knitting bag, shall we?

First up:  Pioneer.

That picture (taken Sunday) is SO no longer current, it’s not even funny.  I’m absolutely loving the LLSS in “Tahoe”; it’s so sturdy and beautiful!  The colors are breathtaking.  I’ve now separated the arms and am advancing well down the body – I think maybe 3″ down from the V or so?  I’ve been having some pooling issues, even though I’m alternating skeins, and have cut and re-joined a few different times in an attempt to offset that.  But overall  I’m really pleased with it I love it ridiculously more than one should love an inanimate lump of looped yarn.

Here’s another outdated photo:
Those are my Diamondy socks; I just finished them last night, so what I really need to do is a quick FO shoot.  They’re on my feet as we speak, actually – and I’m so pleased with how they turned out!

It’s been about a week since I worked on my Wool Peddler’s Shawl:

(Ravlink) I’m still on the endless brown garter stitch section, and I do think I’ll probably end up doing more than the 231 (?) stitches called for before I switch to the heathered teal yarn for the lace portion.  I’m REALLY glad I bought Folk Shawls, by the way.  There are several other patterns from the book that I’m just dying to make!

Next up is Ophelia:

That’s not really the right color – this is.  And I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to frog anyway; I think the yarn is a bit too dark and mottled to show the lace pattern to its fullest benefit.  The adorable pattern deserves a more perfect yarn than this. 🙂  But I have big plans for the yarn anyway – it’ll be a Tweedy Vest (Ravlink), maybe with an unexpected pop of CC?

For a really, really, really mindless knit, I’ve got this:

That’ll be a garter stitch cheater’s moebius.  And yes, it’s out of LB Homespun.  There’s only one person in the entire world who I love enough to suffer through a large rectangle of garter-stitch Homespun, and that’s my mumsie dearest.  She better appreciate it! 😀

We’ll end our arm-of-the-bright-red-couch tour with this:

Which is a little piece of “fly by the seat of my pants” mesh lace scarf in SWTC Bamboo.  I’m really loving how the mesh lace works with this yarn.  I also really like how I worked the end to increase along one side from a point.  Now I’m working it even ’till it’s time to decrease, and then my eventual plan is to add a fringe along the increase and decrease edges of the points – I think it’ll be a pretty cool look – if anybody thinks it’s worthwhile, maybe I’ll write it up when I’m done.

Close-up of the really awesome mesh, because it rocks my world:

It’s soooooo much fun to scrunch around!  I can tell already I’ll love this FO.

Well, that’s all the WIP’s I’ve got for now!

Still feeling the urge to CO, though.

My Rav queue is 17 pages long, but I’ve mentally set aside a few patterns for my immediate- or almost-immediate next tasks:

Swallowtail Shawl for Mom – I’ve had the yarn (Fearless Fibers alpaca laceweight in a LOVELY buttery yellow) for about a year, and it’s been a while since I’ve done any “real” lace.
Whisper Cardigan from the new IK – for once, I want to get on the “It” pattern bandwagon before it’s (hehehe) fully passed!
Jamaica Pouch – just because I’ve got the urge to make a silly little bag, for no particular reason.  Will probably stick it in my luggage when done.
Hedera – I actually (re)started these on the train this morning, first after a yearlong hiatus and then after an ill-fated center-finding incident on the factory-wound skein.  I’m using a light pink Fortissima Socka that I’ve had stashed and dedicated to this pattern for about a year and a half or so; it’s one of those projects where the relief of actually doing it far outweighs the desire for the FO itself.
Rogue – I’ve resigned myself to the fact that SOMETIME along this yearlong sweater-making journey I’m going to have to make one (or two or three) sweaters completely inappropriate for the season, and this is the first of that.  I’ve got some gorgeous amthyst-colored Wool of the Andes in my stash and heck – with this weather, I may be able to wear it sooner rather than later!)
Tweedy Vest – as mentioned above.  I’m really eager to use up that Takhi Tweed that’s been in my stash for so long!

And of course, I’m sure I’ll stumble and trip and fall into a few more pairs of socks along the way, too 😉


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