Quick bulleted post while I warm up to being at work…

~I’m having a bad hair day. Used to be, on these days I could pull it up in a ponytail and forget about it.  Now I have to wrestle with it.  Hair: 1, Kate: 0.  I’m just going to say that my style is “lank and greasy” and it was deliberate.

~There’s a group of about 5 Indian men who ride my train in the mornings.  They’re always unfailingly polite, offering their seats to older people and saying “ladies first” whenever we get off the train.  Their mamas raised them well.

~I finally got around to switching out the music on my mp3 player (soooo not hard!) this morning.  Of course, yesterday the darn thing started acting up – you can see my whole though progress on Twitter if you’re so inclined Summary is, my baby Sansa might not be long for this world.  And that would be unfortunate, because I’m pretty sure I need that thing to survive.  Or *A* thing, anyway.  Maybe a 16gB iPod Nano?  They’re so purrrdy.  And it would be nice to have more space….but my current mp3 player has served me well, ’till it started crapping out on me, anyway

~Roxie was a brat last night.  Then she was good and adorable.  JUST when we’re ready to take her back to the pound, she’ll lick our ears or do something equally adorable and then dammit she’s won her safety for another day.

~I’m in DIRE need of a mental health day here at work.  I think I’ll take a personal day some day next week…I just need to be able to recoup, y’know?

~We’re going down to Sumner in a couple weeks, tentatively.  It’ll be our first trip there in close to two years – I can’t believe it’s been so long!  It’ll be good to be back at Grandma’s house.  I love Grandma’s house

~Mom told me the other day that she’s been making some *really* exciting new items for the Etsy shop.  I haven’t seen any of them myself, yet, but I’m sure it’s good! Will let you know w/ more teaser pics

OK time to work.  Yay for Thursday!  Tonight it’ll be falafels and spanikopita for dinner and leftover berry crisp for dessert.  Mmmmm.


One response to “innnnnnnnnhale…..eXhhhhhhhhhhhale

  1. Katie—what is your twitter username? I want to follow you but I couldn’t find you!

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