Piddy fowwers, Part I

In yesterday’s post I mentioned Grandma’s redbud trees, but what I *didn’t* mention was just how many she has, and how gorgeous they are.

That one is one of my favorites.  Well, I guess it’s my favorite, now.  A few years ago she lost my old favorite – the one we built “treehouses” in (treehouse = scraps of 2×4 haphazardly nailed to tree).  This new favorite is my grape-eating tree.  I’d pick grapes from her arbor and toss them in a 5-gallon bucket then sit on that big limb of the tree and eat them and spit the seeds back toward the arbor.   Mmmmm warm sunshiney grapes…..

Speaking of the arbor – it’ll be a few weeks ’till the vines come back to life, and a few months ’till they’ve got any fruit, but I still think it’s beautiful as it hibernates:

In the late summer we’ll be going back to pick, assuming there’s a good crop – they all went to waste last year because Grandma was still recovering from her fall.

All the redbuds are in bloom (again, see yesterday), including this little one outside Grandma’s bedroom window:

And the only thing more fun than looking at redbud trees, is taking pictures of them.

It was actually *really* windy on Saturday, and I had a heckuva time getting clear photos – I took about 400 over the course of the day.

But when the wind DOES die down, I maintain that *any* idiot can take a good picture of a flower.

Here, I just experimented – I wanted to see what would happen if I looked down a forked branch with the Autofocus on:

Oh.  That.  Interesting…  (too much emphasis on the branches, though, and not enough on the buds)

It was also pretty overcast out, and aside from the obvious light-diffusion benefit, I think the grey sky makes for a lovely bokeh-d backdrop:

And my favorite of the bunch:

Yup, I do love Grandma’s redbud trees.


One response to “Piddy fowwers, Part I

  1. I am completely in love with these pictures! They absolutely made my day.

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