Letter to the In-laws

Bob, Linda and Molly:

We went to your house yesterday to maintain the fish tanks, as requested, now that you’ve decided to stay in Florida for a few extra days.

We thought about throwing a wild party and having all our friends over and totally trashing the place, but then we decided to just bring Roxie.

She was on her best manners!

Sort of.

Molly, I figured you wouldn’t mind if Roxie had the chance to run and play in your yard for a while.  I think she had a good time, because most of the pictures I took were like this:

Or this:

Or even this:

Yeah, I’d reckon she had a good time.

Linda, the tulips are almost done for the season, but I thought you’d appreciate seeing that they’re still hanging in there:

…at least for a few days more.

Roxie even inspected them for you (she’s quite the botanist):

And they definitely met with her approval.

(if she had thumbs she’d be giving a thumbs-up.  But alas.)

This one was my favorite:

I don’t know what kind of tree it is y’all have with these blossoms:

But they sure were pretty too.  Again, though, only a few left.

These were growing on the hill in front of the firewood:
and even though it’s not the best picture, I still thought it was a cool effect.

But I think that these little bushes at the side of the house were my favorite:

What are they called?  I ❤ them hard.

Bob, I know you wouldn’t mind if we used your yard for some invaluable Roxie-training time (after the Roxie-running time).

While Jeff was inside on the phone with you…

…I distracted Roxie from her anxious waiting…

…with the promise of a chicken treat:

Heck, it was the only way I could get her to pose!

But when chicken’s on the line…

She really knows how to please the camera!

Even if it does make her nose look big.

Yeah, she can be pretty OK sometimes.

And she DOES have a pretty smile, don’t you think?

It also helps when her daddy comes out to help her work on sit:


And rollover:

So in conclusion, guys, we all had a great time in your yard last night!

You could even say we were able to really relax and “let loose”!

(yes, we scooped.  Shouldn’t be any surprises left for Molly)

Though if you never want us to bring this…’thing’…back, we’ll understand

Drive safe, guys!  See ya in a few days!


PS>Jeff drank a Powerade and also I think your neighbor thinks I’m a crazy peeping tom.  Might’ve had something to do with me crouching in the bushes with a big black camera.  I dunno. But her dogs were annoying anyway.

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