I’ve got lots of thoughts floating about in fragments in my mind….let’s see how many of them I can pin down here.

~Last night we went to Jeff’s parents’ for a Mother’s Day dinner.  I made a chocolate cheesecake with chocolate sauce and a raspberry mirror.  It was thoroughly enjoyed, and we’ve got a nice wedge leftover in our fridge so I can indulge again tonight Also gave his parents and sister each a loaf of homemade bread (meaning that I need to bake again on Tuesday so that we’ll have bread for ourselves!).  Oh and I baked some butterscotch + chocolate chip bar cookies for the people at work, too.  I baked a lot yesterday.

~I’ve been having really random and weird pains in my back, right side (near my ribs) and left boob (tmi?).  No idea what it is but it’s as annoying as all get-out.  I think taking my bra off would help but I prroooooooobbbbably can’t get away with that at work.  Maybe I can get a backrub tonight?  (Backrub AND cheesecake?!  It’s like being at the spa!  Except for the dirty house and annoying animals…)

~Since we never know what Jeff’s work schedule will be from week-to-week, we must carpe diem whenever we can – on Saturday we went to the Botanical Gardens for lunch, wandering, wedding-gawking (I swear there must’ve been 10 weddings happening there in various coves and meadows and gardens!), and more flower photography.  I still haven’t pulled the pics from my camera; hopefully I’ll remember to do that tonight so I can share tomorrow.

~We also garage saled a bit on Saturday morning.  I don’t know if St. Louis just isn’t a really big garage saleing town, or what, but we didn’t have a lot of luck – I got some brand-new, cute pillowcases and a few kids’ books to add to our collection (our goal is to have a full library for the Hooplings before they even arrive).  I love buying kids’ books at sales because:  1)I can weed through and only choose the good titles (sometime I need to post about the characteristics of a good children’s book! Hint:  they’re not all good.) and 2)At $0.25 – $1.00 each, it’s a really affordable way to build up a collection.

~My dresser search is over! I’m so excited Mom and Dad remembered that Grandmother and Granddad have one in their basement that’s just collecting dust, so last weekend Dad went out to take a look at it.  I’ll need to refinish it, but y’all know I don’t mind putting in a little elbow grease Here’s what Dad had to say about the dresser:  “According to my mother, the dresser was one that was at the Raker family farm outside of Holden until her father (your great-grandfather) moved into Warrensburg after his retirement.
“She also says she thinks there is a mirror for it, but that is in one of the upstairs closets and she doesn’t know what kind of condition the mirror is in.
“One of the drawer pulls is missing from the bottom drawer.  There are two smaller drawers at the top then two full-width drawers below them.  It appears that all the drawers are intact.”
And here’s one of the photos he attached:

I can tell it’ll clean up really well – I just hope the mirror is in good shape, too!  Imagine – I searched for *months* for a dresser just like this one, and it was in my grandparents’ basement all along.  I love, also, that it’s an heirloom,  I’ll be sure to blog my way through the restoration experience as well, of course. (restoration experience will happen when we’re in KC in two weeks)

~On the same carpe diem note as above, next weekend we’ll be going to the St. Louis Renaissance Festival.  We went last year – right after we moved to town – and really enjoyed it then, so I think this year will be just as much fun.  I plan on buying a jester’s collar for Roxie

~Speaking of Roxie – Tuesday night was our first class (first one is “people only”) to try and get her straightened out.  For the next few weeks, we’ll be going with her on Wednesday nights.  Our goals are:
So if you hear that Resolve Carpet Cleaner’s stock has tumbled, you’ll know that we’ve been successful on the last point at least

~I soooooooo need a mental health day.  It’s not even funny, how badly I need one.  I need to just veg on the couch and relax and knit.  I feel really stressed and wound up, and it has been too long since I’ve been able to UNwind.  I think tonight will be a relax night – leftovers (or just cheesecake) for dinner, TV, and my sticks and string.  Mmmm.


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