I’m an idiot

On Saturday, Jeff and I went to the Botanical Garden.  Because we can.

And I took pictures.  Because I can.

And he stood there, chagrined, and held my camera bag and soda.  Because he can (and because he loves me).

It was really pretty ridiculous, how beautiful the flowers were – we’d missed the tulips, and the peonies (my favorite!) weren’t fully in yet, but that’s OK.  There was other stuff to see.

Like roses!

I just want to crawl up into the middle of that flower and drink a dewdrop and take a nap, don’t you?

You can live inside this one, if you want.

We’ll be neighbors – and you’ll have your own dewdrop!

Or perhaps this fine piece of real estate is more to your liking?

(PS – I bet this one would taste like orange sherbet.  Betcha anything.)

It was kind of sunny, but sometimes that’s ok.  Like this time:

That photo represents everything that’s warm and summery and refreshing, doesn’t it?

Makes me want to go for a dip!

(LOVE the reflecting pool, as always – but where were the giant lilypads on Saturday?  I didn’t realize those things were…mobile.)

These are called bleeding hearts or something, right?

All I know is, I took about 30 photos and that’s the closest I could get to a clear one.  Meh.  Still pretty fowwers, though.

This dome-shaped bed was one of my favorites:

with purple and gold intermingled…

…even if the blooms were rather well-nibbled:

(not by me, I swear!…this time.)

The Japanese area of the garden has a pretty little pond, and Jeff said “Hey take a picture!  Right here! Do it!”  So I obliged:

…but it doesn’t do a whole lot for me.  I’m more of an “up close and personal” girl, myself.

Speaking of “up close and personal”…

Yeah, I only actually appear in a photo about once every two months Jeff has a hard time prying the camera out of my hands.

But turnabout’s fair play, right?  So that’s why I’m publishing THIS!

Here I was playing paparazza:

…but he caught me!  Drats!


Enough of that silliness, I’ll have no more!

So here’s a waterfall:

It’s in the English Woodlands, which is my favorite section.  It makes me feel like a little woodsprite.

Here’s another waterfall:

It’s back in the Japanese area.  It does not make me feel like a ninja.

There’s more, but I’m starting to feel kinda discombobulated.  So I’m off to recombobulate – wish me luck on THAT count, eh?

Later today (or maybe tomorrow):  FLUORESCENCE!

Put on yer sunglasses in preparation, dudes.  Srsly.


2 responses to “I’m an idiot

  1. Wow! Excellent pictures! Those roses are amazing.

  2. Hello 🙂 I just found your blog through your red Born shoes post, I love those shoes! If you feel like sharing I’d LOVE to know what bag you’re wearing in this post? It’s green with a leather strap.
    Thanks and I look forward to reading more of you blog. 🙂

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