Activate force fields!

I warned you…

Yesterday when I said I had some fluorescent flowers to show you? I wasn’t kidding.

These are *all* SOOC.

I’m not saying that the flowers aren’t possibly radioactive.  Just that they haven’t been retouched.

Mostly ’cause I don’t know how.  But y’all probably knew that.

THIS next image, more than any other, shows why peonies are my favorite:

Whoa, mama.

(PS:  I can’t be the only one who thinks that last one looks like braaaiiiiiiiiiiinzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…right?)

You are now clear to remove protective eyewear.

For the next 48 hours please exercise extra caution when driving or operating heavy machinery.  Any blindness should be temporary.  If systems persist for more than 72 hours, contact a physician.  KateOhKatie is not liable for any retinal damage caused by the above images.
Tomorrow:  Not more flowers.  But something that will make you pine for another flower post.


2 responses to “Activate force fields!

  1. you’re not kidding—that daisy almost looks plastic it’s so shiny! I got some shots of yellow wood poppys and they are too garish to post. though, you’ve cornered the market on excessively bright flowers so i’ll leave that to you. 😉 that last one totally looks like brains!

  2. Oh, BEAUTIFUL! I am just DYING for my peonies to bloom. They are so fab.

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