The many faces of Roxie

See this?

This is Roxie.  She’s cute, yes, but I think she’s also possessed.

She was HORRIBLE at our class on Wednesday night.  Apparently she’s a “shy dog” in class.  Too bad the trainers never see her at her finest – licking strangers’ faces, playing with other dogs, letting babies tug on her ears.

(cat bed)

But the trainers also have no idea how awful Roxie is.  10 minutes after they lent us a walking harness to try for the week, she’d chewed it to bits.

She poops in the house on an astoundingly regular basis.

She pulls *incessantly* on walks.

I really do think she might be mentally challenged.

But even though she chews up cat toys,

And even though she jumps up on me like a maniac every night when I get home, no matter what I do,

And yes, even though she poops in the house,

There’s just something I love about her.

Must be because, deep down, she really is a sweetheart.

Damn dog.


2 responses to “The many faces of Roxie

  1. I’m going to change it up and comment here instead of on Xanga… ooooh!

    I love how you tagged this post with “mentally retarded dog.” hahhaa Poor Roxie 😉

  2. Why is the winky icon all fucked-up looking? What in the world!

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