The warm-up

This morning I Tweeted:  “Lovely early-morning thunderstorm. Makes me want to go back to bed

Then, that thunderstorm became a hailstorm, complete with driving winds.  It was brief, admittedly, but certainly not pleasant.  And as it happens, I’d parked my Ahura under a tree the night before, so I got to leave my breakfast (strawberries, vanilla yogurt and hoememade granola), throw on the first dirty clothes I could find, and dash out the door – run like hell! – to my car, rescue it from under the tree (which was threatening to crack at any moment), and park it safely at the side of the house, behind Jeff’s.  It was really exciting, actually.  And my hair was already wet, so that added to the drama a bit.  I felt like I was in a (very short, rather boring) movie.


Speaking of thrills…

I finished some socks! (and took pics of them on Saturday morning when I was really crabby.  I think that these photos reflect my crabbiness.  I have expressive feet, no? )

These are Hedera, out of the sturdy and thoroughly nondescript Fortissima Socka.

I’m really pleased with them; this is also a pair that I’ve been envisioning since before I knew how to knit socks.  I’m glad to see them come to fruition.

…save one thing, which I had *not* been envisioning:

Yup, that’s one eye-of-partridge heel, and one slipped-stitch heel.  Didn’t realize it ’till I was showing them off to Thi in Knitty Couture a couple weeks back, and by then I was almost ready for the toe decreases.

So therefore….It’s a DESIGN ELEMENT!

(that’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it.)

I also finished another pair, too:

They started out being some little know-nothing socks…you know, just something to keep me busy on the train, to toss on when I’m hanging out at home, that sort of thing.

But in fact, I quite like them.  I put on a turned cuff, which is just sporty and substantial enough.  Just my standard 64-stitch sock pattern; nothing exciting at all.

And I’m all for using up yarn scraps! (The light blue is leftover from these, and the multicolored is a 50g skein of Deborah Norville Serenity that I picked up at Hobby Lobby several months back)

(it also helps when one remembers to do EITHER two eye-of-partridge heels OR two slipped-stitch heels, not one of each)

I’m very satisfied, and I do foresee more of these sporty little socks in my future.  They go great with my Keens, too

As close as I’ll ever come to label-whoring:

In fact, I test-drove these socks at the Renaissance Festival on Saturday, right after we finished taking these photos.  I think that post will be coming up tomorrow!


One response to “The warm-up

  1. Beautiful socks! They look great with your KEENS! I have the same ones, only in dark blue. 🙂

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