St. Louis RenFest 2009

Honestly, I’m not in the wittiest mood ever right now, but I know I promised a post today so I’ll just get this out there and over with (way to entice the readers, eh? )

I’ll spare y’all the long, drawn-out retelling of our adventures at the St. Louis Renaissance Festival last Saturday.  Been there, done that, y’know?

But it was Roxie’s first time!

She did so good!  She carried her own water bottles, folding dish and extra collar in her packpack.  People kept asking if she was a service dog, though.  Or a service dog in training.

Even though she was excited by all the other dogs and people, she didn’t pull too badly – I don’t know how much of that was the extra weight of the packpack and how much was her fancy new Gentle Leader harness, but we were really proud of her.

That is, until she started hanging out under the bleachers…

Yeah, she’s *that* kind of girl!

The only problem we really had with Roxie was that she would NOT settle down for shows or anything – we had to leave the joust (Jeff’s favorite, next to map-reading) about 10 minutes in because she kept pulling and making a nuisance of herself.  Hopefully by next year she’ll have calmed down a bit (or at least we’ll have trained her to sit and stay) so this won’t be as much of an issue.

There are a couple photos of us, but in one of them my our teeth look *really* yellow (they’re not), and in the other I look horrendously fat, so you don’t get to see those.

Here’s a mime instead!

“Moonie the Mime”, he was called, and made me LOL a bunch.  Very bawdy mime humor.

I was also really happy, because when we went last year there was a booth selling faerie houses, and I really wanted one, and Jeff wouldn’t get me one because he’s mean.

So this year I got one.  Because now Jeff is nice.

It lives in our hallway niche and makes me so very happy.

And I even picked out a faerie to live in it!

Isn’t she sweet?  She looks like she could be a Hoopling!

(BTW – wish I had an explanation for the blurry pictures.  But I don’t.  Suck it up.)

My faerie house is seriously the cutest thing ever – look at the roof!

And the grasses in front of the doorway!

And the plants potted alongside!

LOVE my fairie house!

(All Saturday evening I kept hopping up and running into the hallway niche to look at it some more…I’m so glad it’s finally *mine* )

Jeff and I also have a tradition where every RenFest we go to, he buys me a rose.  This is what he picked out for me this year:

It’s LEATHER!  And GREEN!  How awesome is that?

All my rosies together:

(From left to right:  metal, wood, leather, wax, wax)

Oh and of course…KETTLE CORN!

(I’ve been so good – would you believe I still have some left?  Not much, but some.  A bit.)

I know this wasn’t the most exciting or interesting post ever, but we did have a lot of fun – save the lack of joust-watching .  It’s surprisingly hard to wrangle a dog and a camera at the same time!


PS>I can’t HANDLE those awful pictures!  Srsly…will re-take at home tonight, for my own sanity.  Blurgh.


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