Except without the dysentary

(side note:  this is my first time actually writing a post in WordPress – usually I write them in Xanga then copy them to WordPress, but I just realized that then Xanga tries to link back to itself all the time, so that’s no good.  So here I go, walkin’ in my new shoes…so to speak.)

In just 2 months and 1 day (not impressive, I know, but still faster than Maude!), I’ve finished my Pioneer sweater.

See?  Pioneer!

I’m really, *really* happy with this knit…I think.
The yarn is LL Shepherd Sport Multi, and I did follow the pattern *pretty* closely (er, as closely as I ever do :-D).  I added length, and a few increases at each side every few rows past the waist (I think 12 stitches total?), and I coninued the sleeves for a good long while.  I could have made them even longer, but I’m happy with their length now.  Sort of a vintage fit, no?

(as always, more details on Rav)

The only problem (which you can see here)  is that even with the crocheted edging, the neckline rolls hardcore.  And so does the bottom hem.  I hope that blocking fixes some of this, but am also realistic about such dreams.  Blocking can only do so much.

And you know what else “can only do so much”?

Roxie. She can “only do so much” waiting while I sit on the floor and model my sweater.

She doesn’t have a lot of willpower.

And then next thing I know there’s a rubber chewtoy on my lap.

And the tug-of-war must begin!

…and then the ear kisses.

Of course, when it’s *Roxie’s* turn to model, I cooperate and leave her alone.

…or do I?

PS>The reason I’m posting in the middle of the day?  I may or may not have mono.  Awaiting the doctor’s office to call with test results.  I feel well enough to knit and do light chores (and to nap and watch HGTV and take extra-strength Tylenol every 4 hours), but am being quarantined lest I infect the rest of the city with this dreaded ailment.


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