Yesterday evening I had a bright spot in what has otherwise been a pretty bleak couple of weeks.  The apron that I ordered from KatieKate arrived!

And I love it so much.

(the cat puke on the floor behind me – not so wild about that :-P)

The pattern is called “Farm Girl” by MaryJanesFarm.com.  And yeah, I could’ve bought the pattern myself and bought some fabric and stitched it up.  But I’m in an instant gratification mood, and it doesn’t get more instant than a conversation that goes like this:

KateohKatie:  “Sell me ur apronz!! Plz!!!”

KatieKate:  “Send me $25 or I’ll send my baby to kick your butt!  And you must potty train her too!”

KateohKatie:  “Please no! Anything but that!  Here is your $25”

KatieKate:  “Very well. I shall send you the apron you request.  And I will, for now, NOT send my baby after you.”

KateohKatie:  ::great relief::

(that was a reenactment.  KatieKate [probably] would not use her daughter as a debt collector.)

Anyway, I love this thing.

The fabric is just adorable and perfect, and of course the construction is top-notch.

And look!  Pockets!

Yes, my lovely new apron has certainly served to set my bad mood aright.

(Know what would set Jeff’s mood aright?  Chocolate chip cookies.  I think I know what I must do tonight)

PS>Of course, a link to the TexasNorth Etsy shop.  I highly recommend it 🙂


2 responses to “Happiness

  1. Super cute apron!! Love the colors.

  2. Brilliant 🙂 Rylie was glad not to have to use her skills as a debt-collector (they are lacking, at best). I’m so glad you love it! May it bring you many years of baking and cooking and sipping-lemonade joy !!!

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