July, July

July is shaping up to be a much better month for me than June was.  This is, naturally, something I’m very excited about.

Cooler weather, coupled with a “first of July” gift from Mom and an awesome Twitter contest that I won, indicates that I may (hope I don’t jinx it by saying this) be on a roll.

And dammit, it’s TIME!

This evening Jeff and I are going to a co-worker’s daughter’s graduation party, so of course I had to whip up something for the Chicago-bound scholar.

What better gift for someone you’ve never met, who’s about to go to a city where it’s chilly 4 months of the year (and FREEZING for 6) than a pair of fingerless gloves?

This was my third pair of Fetchings and my first time using the Rustic Wool (which I chose because of its versatile color, awesome dyeing, and superwash-ness) and I’m not gonna lie – it was kind of nerve-wracking.

Why, you ask?

The dark, blurry photo above represents the sum total of yarn I had left after finishing.  (Knitters, I know you’re hearing that horror movie EEE!  EEE!  EEE! screechy music)

But I was quite pleased with how the mitts turned out.  I’d been a bit worried about pooling, but there wasn’t really any to speak of.

I greatly prefer the pattern with an extra repeat tacked onto the end – it’s 5 rows longer that way, and makes the underside of the mitt go further up the wearer’s palm.   Even though these things are supposed to be “one size fits all”, I am a bit worried about them fitting the recipient – I’ve never met her, so I have no idea if her hands run large or small.

Now I’ve gotta hop into the shower and get ready to go.  Be back later this weekend, with some more FOs! 🙂

One response to “July, July

  1. OOOH! Love the mitts, and can’t wait to hear a recap of the other FO’s.

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