I haz a thweater!

I lurves my new thweater.

My new thweater ith the Whithper Cardigan from the thpring ithue of Interweave Knith.

Whenever I wear it, I whithper the whole time.

I iz tho quiet!

Really though, I am quite fond of this sweater.  Even though, due to its extremely delicate (helloooo loose gauge laceweight stockinette!) nature, I am very self-conscious in it.  No running into bushes or getting clawed by cats in this one! (sadly, that happens more often than I’d like to admit)

As you can see above, I had a bit of laddering that wouldn’t block out – but overall the Alpaca with a Twist behaved *very* well.  The texture on this thing is just lovely – it’s like baby cheeks and kitten tummies and rose petals.

I’m only showning you this picture because I think it’s funny how I look like a zombie:

And I’m only showing you this one because I think it’s funny how I look like a…um…I don’t know what I look like but it isn’t good:

My nose looks big but my arm looks veery, veeeery small.  And my skin is gorgeous.

So, in conclusion…

Whisper cardigan.  Go make yours today!  Then wear it as you float around in a little bubble of comfort and self-consciousness.

(gosh, I sure know how to sell the image, eh?)


2 responses to “Thweater

  1. Absolutely adorable!! Love the color on you.

  2. You are truly talented! I’ve so enjoyed paging through your blog looking at your knitting creations…and cute shoes. I see you ALSo have the Sofft Rori gladiator! Feel like guest blogging again?

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