A gatherer of peas? Really?

Yesterday my new Born Codders arrived, gratis, thanks to the lovely folks at Supershoes.com.

Now, don’t go thinking I’m one of those bigshot bloggers who gets sent free stuff all the time – my quiet comments section and abysmal page hit numbers will serve as proof otherwise.

No, I had to work for these shoes – I had to Tweet my little heart out in spurts over the course of an hour, as I waited on hold with various manufacturers of architectural products (I make my job sound so romantic, don’t I?).  And when I found out I’d won, I squealed so loudly that I almost certainly cause my co-workers to question my mental stability (as if that weren’t already up for discussion…)  Good thing I wasn’t on the phone with an aforementioned manufacturer when that happened.

Just a few short days later – last night, in fact, there they were on my doorstep – and all without use of my (or my husband’s, or my mom’s) credit card.

I had a heck of a time choosing which pair I wanted, but these are absolutely perfect – the red color is sort of vintagey, the style is sweet but not twee, and the comfort is all I’ve come to expect from Born (this is my, um…5th? pair of Borns).

I ordered them in a 6.5 (my other Borns are all 6 or 7), figuring that if they ran a bit small I could wear them without handknit socks, and if they ran a bit large I could wear them with socks.

Turns out they run exactly true to size, so they work with socks and without!

These are without a doubt the most cheerful shoes I’ve ever owned, and perhaps the cutest!

They’ll definitely be coming with me to Minnesota – I think that between these, my Keens and my new Sofft sandals, I’ll be well-prepared to tromp around the Mall of America, the north shore, or anywhere in between!

I didn’t get a picture, but these also have an unusual footbed – most of it is lined with a mesh-like material that looks like it’ll keep my feet cool and dry, and the arch support extends further toward the center of the foot.  I have super high arches, so this is a welcome addition.  They’re every bit as comfy as my other Borns; maybe even a bit cushier.

Oh lovely little red Born Codders, will you be my friends forever?

PS> Another hearty “thank you” to the wonderful folks at Supershoes.com for the fantastic treat!


6 responses to “A gatherer of peas? Really?

  1. EEK, they are so stinkin’ cute that I can barely stand it!!!! WTG, they rock.

  2. You know that’s one of my favorite Born styles! Looks great on you and darling with those crochet type socks!

    • Thank you! The socks are knitted lace, and I just finished them a few weeks ago – it’s like they were just made for the shoes! 🙂

  3. Wow, seriously beautiful shoes!

  4. I’m here via Barking Dog Shoes — those look adorable on you. The pink socks really complement your new red shoes.

  5. I do love Born Codders. Yours look fantastic with those handknit socks!

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