Important E

Today I have a question for the Universe.  And by “Universe” I really mean, “All three y’all who read my b-log.”

I have a yarn (audience:  ::shock::  ::awe::)

It is this:

It is by Chestnut Bay Fibers, about 430 delicious yards of a single-ply fingering weight.

With this yarn, I wish to make a beautiful shawl to wear in Minnesota (or, perhaps more accurately, in the car on the way to Minnesota – Jeff is notorious for keeping the AC blasting with no regard for my comfort level.  Harrumph!)

I’m considering several patterns.  They are:

Heartland Lace Shawl” by Evelyn A. Clark  (photo credit SheepGeek).  I’m a bit shy on yardage but this looks like one where I can lose a repeat or two to no ill effect.

Gail” by Jane Araujo (photo credit MaweLucky)

Springtime Bandit” by Kate Gagnon (photo credit ZeitgeistYarns)

Little Arrowhead shawl” by Pam Allen (photo credit EraLunaris).  I would be able to add several repeats to this one, if I choose it.

And finally,

Onerva“, by Särmä  (Photo credit Saermae).  My only hesitation here is that I’ll have to (with help from others who’ve made it) translate the pattern from Finnish, and that doesn’t sound like a recipe for quick success.

So I’ll put it to you all – which shawl pattern would be best for my beautiful purple variegated single-ply?

I won’t tell you which one I’m leaning towards, because I don’t want to bias the answers…

4 responses to “Important E

  1. Hi, I lurk (did your readership just go up by one? =D) and I’m going to vote for the Gail shawl. It just looks purty.

  2. I like Gail!!! I think it would be pretty in the colors you got 🙂

  3. I vote for Gail as well. How gorgeous!

  4. Hmm, I’m different to everyone else then! I think my favourite is the heartland lace shawl – the lace pattern just looks so crisp!

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