Pretend I’m wearing one of those old-timey green visors

The votes have been carefully tallied, and between the input of y’all, and on my old blog where I cross-posted this, AND from my husband (::exaggerated sigh:: “Knit whatever makes you happy.”) AND from the dog (“Snwarfle!”), we’ve arrived at the following tally:

Looks like Gail has won it by a hair!

So now I can tell you – that one was my favorite all along 😀

But there’s something else I can tell you, too:  I fully intend to knit every shawl posted yesterday.

I even have the yarn for most of them.

For the Springtime Bandit:

That’s Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light – a gorgeous and squishy sportweight.

For the Little Arrowhead:

Yummy Fearless Fibers light fingering weight (this is the same stuff I used for my Stardust shawl a year ago, with much success).  Or maybe this:

That’s Bare Sheep yarn superwash fingering weight in “Blue Period”, and if I’m being perfectly honest with y’all…this may be too pretty to knit.  I’m just not sure I’m ready to part with it yet.

And for the other two (Onerva and Heartland)?  I’ll be dyeing my own:


Or at least, that’s the plan as of right now…we knitters are a notoriously fickle and indecisive bunch.

Tonight I plan to finish my Hey Teach and set it to blocking, then I’ll cast on for Gail – I’ll have plenty of knitting time tomorrow, as I’ll be watching all 5 Harry Potter movies in quick succession 🙂  (Any St. Louis’ers want to join me? I’ll make brownies…)

3 responses to “Pretend I’m wearing one of those old-timey green visors

  1. Makes me wish I was in St Louis!! I would totally be up for knitting/harry potter day!!! Esp if their are brownies involved….

  2. A Harry Potter marathon sounds like just the thing. I wish I could join you, shawl knitting fiend. I can’t wait to see the dyed yarn or the finished shawls.

  3. Crafty-pants! 🙂 Have you guys been able to see HP & HBP, yet? I hope so!

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