That’s the age Jeff will have to live to, if he still wants to consider his life “less than a quarter of the way over.”

That’s my convoluted way of saying…he’s 26 today.

2-6.  Which is more than 2-5,which is what he was yesterday.  And it’s WAYYYYY more than 2-3, which is what I am.  Yeah, I married an older man.  Which I think makes me a trophy wife.  Or something.

He’s the best husband I could ever, ever ask for.

(October 2005, first picture I ever took of him with our first digital camera – the first bit joint purchase)

He’s incredibly sweet…

(A couple summers ago, in our second Kirksville apartment)

Nerdy beyond belief….

(touring a cave in Arkansas, March 2006)

And smart as a whip….

(college graduation, December 2007)

And he’s even got a special look…

…one which I’m very familiar with…

…which says “Katie you’re ridiculous but I love you anyway.”

And you know what? I love him too.  More than anything in the world.

Happy birthday to the very best husband in the entire world! I love you more than a million 🙂


One response to “105

  1. Plus he’s so darn cute!

    His (completely unbiased) Mom

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