What could be better?

Jeff and I have had a really nice day today.  We made two important – and fun ! – stops:  Borders and Knitty Couture.

That pile of Cascade is to make one of EZ’s seamless sweaters for Jeff.  And the books?  Well, there was a “buy 4 get the 5th one free” deal, plus we had a 15% discount.

Two are mine, two are Jeff’s, and one is “ours”.  I’ll let you figure out which is which 😛

(Side note – the Yarn Harlot’s book is a show of soidarity, in light of her recent strife.  I wanted to help somehow.  Plus, this was obviously an unacceptable hole to have in my library.)

I used our little shopping adventure as an excuse to test-drive my latest FO, my Hey Teach! cardigan:

(the skirt was just for the modelling session – I changed into jeans and my Born flip-flops for actually going out, and the sweater worked just as well worn casually as it did dressed up).

This is honestly (and surprisingly, if we’re being honest) one of my most favorite knitted items to date.  I feel like it turned out exceptionally well.

(hmm…the fronts look a bit crooked there, but that’s just how I was standing.  I assure you they’re perfectly even)

The fit turned out spot-on, save a bit of gaping at the buttons which I’m sure will work itself out over time, given the nature of the cotton/merino Cascade Sierra (a yarn which is, btw, an absolute delight to work with.  I WILL use it again.)

And – I’ll just go ahead and say it – the workmanship was great as well.  The seaming, especially, I’m proud of.  And the reason for that is twofold:  1)it was well done, technically (I didn’t get a photo of the side seams but you’ll just have to trust me 😉 ) and 2)I didn’t let the damned thing sit in my knitting basket for two months before doing the seaming.

Ad did I mention the fit?  Amazing.  Great.  I don’t usually favor sweaters without waist shaping (I like to show off my one good asset – my waist!) but I’m glad I didn’t let that deter me from this.

Ooh and the buttons! None of thepictures of them on the sweater came out, but you can see above how adorable they are.  Those are actualy dried flowers within the acrylic.  Found them (and 5 other sets of contenders for this sweater, if I’m being perfectly honest) at Jo-Ann’s.  Very Anthropologie-esque, no?

It really is a shame that, per my self-appointed rules, I must now pack this away until we go to Minnesota.  I can’t wait for this cardigan to become a wardrobe staple! 🙂

Tomorrow – it’ll be either bad pets, or two MORE FO’s (can you believe it?).  Haven’t decided yet.


5 responses to “What could be better?

  1. NICE! What am I saying? All of your sweaters are nice. This one is extra spiffy.

  2. What a wonderful sweater…. I am jealous…..

  3. I love how your cardigan turned out! I might have to make this my next project.

  4. Perfect fit….my two favorite places…bookshop and yarn shop.

  5. Oh my gosh, your cardigan turned out amazing!!! I adore those buttons! Great work.

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