It’s been a while

…since I’ve blatantly whored out my adorable animals here on the blog.

Sunday was a very photo-filled day for us.  Jeff was kind enough to do a shoot involving a sweater and two other FO’s, then be a model for some socks (Jeffsocks, luckily).   When one is spending that much time prancing around trying not to look completely idiotic in one’s new thweater, it’s inevitable that some cat- and dog-photos will occur incidentally.

For example…


(I call this one, “Forced perspective that makes it look like Othello is huge and kicking Macbeth in the head.”)

(I call this one, “Domestic Violence – the aftermath.”)

(I call this one, “Forced nonchalance.”)

(I call this one, “You can’t go home again.”)

And finally, my piece de resistance…

(I call this one, “Holy shit I got a cat and the dog in the same frame!”)


One response to “It’s been a while

  1. Consider me jealous, i can’t get a decent picture of my black taken….

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