Earning his keep

I figure if I’m going to the trouble of knitting 1500+ yards of navy blue stockinette for Jeff, the least he can do is help me out with the yarn winding.

Of course, being a guy with a love for all things gadget-y, this was no great hardship for him.  It’s almost like a video game, after all – it spins! And is fun to look at! And can be very frustrating!

In just a few short minutes, he’d turned six of these:

into this:

Just by winding…

(ooh messydesk alert!)

and winding…

and winding:

What can I say, he’s a real trooper.  Willing to put all that (10 minutes) of work into the creation of his own sweater!  Golly gee whiz…can you imagine? 😀

Of course, I’ve already started said sweater – just over 1 skein’s worth, actually.  But as it is a completely uninteresting tube of stockinette stitch – 200 stitches around and about 7″ long, I’ve neglected to photograph it.  I’m sure you can picture it in your mind (and it’s breathtaking!)  (movie reference anyone?)

On a completely different note, last night I was so excited in anticipation of our nummylicious dinner that I photographed it (also we were eating early – ~7:00, and actually had some light in the kitchen):

That’s a BLT – TJ’s asiago bread (I haven’t baked bread in a couple weeks now 😦 just been too busy), turkey bacon, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, light mayo and TJ’s light Jarlsburg cheese.


And to accomodate our resident sodium-aphile, TJ’s organic green beans which I steamed with soy sauce:

SO delicious.  I saved half of my sandwich and it’ll be my lunch today (along with baby carrots and a couple of plums).  It’s only 9:00 but I’m already looking forward to it! 🙂


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