The unexpected ones are always the best

Earlier this week  I posted about a package I received from my grandma, and undertook an exhaustive side-by-side comparison of our capital “M”s.

Or something like that.

Anyway, I was originally going to wait and post about the box’s contents once I had dealt with them, but at my current rate we’ll all be reading blog posts through our holo-monitors and sipping Soylent Green by the time I finish the project.  So I decided to post now (obviously).

I love getting packages from Grandma.  They appear at random intervals, old shoeboxes wrapped in butcher paper.  This is the most recent one:

At first glance, it would appear to be a partially-pieced quilt in a box, being carefully supervised by a cat.

This first glance would be correct.

It is, in fact, a partially-pieced quilt in a box.

Isn’t it beautiful?  It’s maybe 1/5 of the way done altogether.  Still plenty of work left!

Everything has been hand pieced by Grandma – we’re traditionalists, and in my mind there’s no better way to do something as fiddly as these little circles and wedges.

Grandma’s stitches are much tinier and more even than mine could ever – EVER – hope to be.

A lot of the quilts she and I make are based off classic block patterns, with the template pieces cut from sandpaper.  but this one was different – the pattern came in proper kit form.

(back in a time when women were “Mrs. Husband’s Name”, as below)

I love that. I love when Grandma sends me letters to “Mrs. Jeff Hoops.”

The kit consists of a large sheet with pattern templates, yardages, project layout instructions and tips and hints.

Here’s all our template pieces:

(I took these pics at about 9:00 on Sunday night, that’s why they’re so yellow and blurry)

Grandma’s notes with yardage requirements and price (I think the white fabric is probably all she had to buy – the rest is scraps)

I don’t know when Grandma started piecing this – I’m not sure if she remembers, either – but the pattern kit itself is very old:

In addition to the three completed strips above, there are a few more blocks ready to go:

And all the other pieces have been cut already:

Which is fantastic, because I truly, *truly* despise cutting quilt blocks.  It’s my least favorite part of the entire process.

Some of the fabrics in the box are new to me, some are very familiar.  That melon orange with the cotton blossoms? I’ve used that fabric in at least 2 other quilts, and seen it in many more.  Same for the daisy with the red background, and the white and red polka dots.

I’m sure my mom and aunt could identify even more; many of Grandma’s fabrics are scraps leftover from clothes she sewed for them when they were kids.

Yup, there’s a lot of wonderfulness in the box that Grandma just sent me; I’m excited and honored to finish the project for her!  Maybe if I rush I’ll have a new quilt to sleep under this winter 🙂


One response to “The unexpected ones are always the best

  1. thanks for stopping by. do I know you through Kaylen? I covet your quilt!!

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